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After Jonas, Thanks FDNY and NYPD

The Man was home during this blizzard. I consider myself very lucky.

Mayor DeBlasio and city officials were urging everyone to stay inside and off the road, so please take a moment and be grateful for the irreplaceable members of the NYPD and FDNYРnot only are there men and women who had to go in for their regular shifts to protect all of us, but countless others picked up extra shifts to make sure there is adequate coverage in the event of an emergency. In my neighborhood, 30 inches of snow fell, and Central Park in Manhattan saw 26.8. That means that this snowstorm missed the record of 26.9 inches set on February 11, 2006, by a margin of one-tenth of an inch!
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Thank You

To everyone who has joined me on this journey to becoming a better person. Here’s to making and keeping resolutions to lead happier and healthier lives.

Happy New Year! Let’s hope it’s a good one,¬†without any fear.
~John Lennon

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