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How Having a Baby Made Me a Better Person

When I met The Man four years ago, if you had told me that we would have a child in a handful of years, I would have shook my head and thought there is no way the two of us would be ready to raise a child. Continue reading “How Having a Baby Made Me a Better Person”

30 Day Blog Post Challenge: Something I Miss

When you get to the milestone of 30 years of age, there is the likelihood of having a Mary Poppins’ bag of things you’ve lost along the way, and things that you miss, sometimes dearly.

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A Quarter of the Way Through 2016

Ah, yes. The weather is beginning to change, and the promise of the next chapter of 2016 floats in on the breeze. It’s April. Which means that one-quarter of the year is already in the bag.

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Gratitude: A Piece on The Envisioned Life and The Real One

Some late-day exploration of gratitude in the hours before the great-American Thanksgiving had me, yet again, at a loss for words.

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Five Years Later

Today marks five years since I was diagnosed with cancer. Whoa!

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Communicating or Arguing?

Many of the posts on Wife Behind the Fire are great launching pads from which I can develop and convey my opinion and experiences. There was a lot of bitterness and frustration with the lifestyle of a firefighter girlfriend, and that kept me quiet and unable to communicate for a seemingly never-ending period of time. Now that the academy is over, and I have my own experiences, as the partner of one of New York’s Bravest, I want to develop a voice as a woman behind the fire.

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Maintaining a Sense of Self

This blog is dedicated to the daily dealings of a Firefighter’s Girlfriend, but what of the girl before The Man decided to become a firefighter? The academy wasn’t just a period of metamorphosis for him. I’ve changed countless times with each week, every argument, and all of the changes in him.

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I Wasn’t Prepared For This

The truth of the matter is that I don’t know how to communicate the struggles of any life situation until I have emerged, gloriously and beautifully, on the other side. The last ten weeks is no exception, but I am going to try.

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Dealing with Communication Blackouts

I’ve scoured the internet for blogs and information that supports the wives, girlfriends, and partners of firefighters. There aren’t that many that address one of my obstacles, in terms of their firefighter being in the academy: communication changes.

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