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Preconceived Notions of Love and How They Threaten Relationships

Whether has been in my own relationships, someone close to me, or someone about whom I’ve stories; whether it’s putting a positive or negative, still an unrealistic, spin on the romantic situation; people too often let preconceived notions squander any chance of future connections and romantic growth.

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In Love in New York: The Unexpected Lesson Learned in Buffalo

When you love someone from Buffalo, New York, you really have no choice but to develop some good, old-fashioned, chicken wing-type Western New York pride.

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Fire Relationships and The Anxious Mind

Loving a firefighter when you have an anxious mind is a blessing and a curse.

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Gratitude: A Piece on The Envisioned Life and The Real One

Some late-day exploration of gratitude in the hours before the great-American Thanksgiving had me, yet again, at a loss for words.

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Communicating or Arguing?

Many of the posts on Wife Behind the Fire are great launching pads from which I can develop and convey my opinion and experiences. There was a lot of bitterness and frustration with the lifestyle of a firefighter girlfriend, and that kept me quiet and unable to communicate for a seemingly never-ending period of time. Now that the academy is over, and I have my own experiences, as the partner of one of New York’s Bravest, I want to develop a voice as a woman behind the fire.

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Cancer Taught Me About Mortality

I love writing prompts! Here is my response to Finite Creatures: At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

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Adventures with The Man

Chinatown Adventure Day!

The Man and I went down in the early afternoon to my old stomping grounds, where I took him out for a few staple snacks and drinks. We stumbled upon a Cider Feast, which was fun, then just checked out a few of the newer little hipster bar spots. One bar was screening Swingers, which is always a plus!

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Finding Happiness in Little Indulgences


There were certain obstacles to come that were reminiscent of Sunday’s pain, but there was one saving grace. I found luxurious happiness in the form of Svelta’s Luxe Coffee and Raw Sugar Body Scrub.

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Bad Karma or a Test?

Have you ever noticed how opinions regarding negative occurrences in the lives of others varies with your personal connection with that person?

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