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In Love in New York: Goodbye Fong Inn Too

Chinatown is a vastly different landscape today from what it was even just a few short years ago, but more significant are the differences from  from 84 years ago when neighborhood-staple Fong Inn Too opened. Because of all of the neighborhood changes, this, the oldest, consistently family-owned store in tofu shop in Chinatown and perhaps in all of America, located at 46 Mott Street, finally closed its doors on January 15, 2017. Continue reading “In Love in New York: Goodbye Fong Inn Too”

In Love in New York: Happy Lunar New Year

There’s a bar in Chinatown, called Whiskey Tavern. As per my First Apartment post, it was a great local watering hole for me during the first few years of my residency in New York City. For the longest time– as I don’t know if this is still true– their slogan was “I miss the old Chinatown.” When you ask any of the owners, Rob, Justin, or George what it means, he would tell you that it  means something different to each patron.

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Adventures with The Man

Chinatown Adventure Day!

The Man and I went down in the early afternoon to my old stomping grounds, where I took him out for a few staple snacks and drinks. We stumbled upon a Cider Feast, which was fun, then just checked out a few of the newer little hipster bar spots. One bar was screening Swingers, which is always a plus!

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