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Grow From Love

This was one of the first thoughts that I had after a friendship-ending fight yesterday. I heard it in Diane Keaton’s voice, when she whispers it into (the now scandal-encased) ear of Stephen Collins in The First Wives Club.

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Deal With it: Live Empowered

Bullying isn’t going anywhere. Working for a parenting magazine makes this quiet clear. Heck, not living under a rock makes it clear.

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I Just Don’t Like You

My piece for the Writing Challenge Build Your Own is a humorous look at a past pain.

It’s a big world out there,
Yet you’re in my city.
Long ago, we loved true,
Now every memory shitty.

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Taking the Stage

Life is never a one-act performance. There are various stages that we all must dance upon, complete with their own costumes, scores, and costars.

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Happy Birthday, Gigi

After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I spent a lot of time at home with my parents, sisters, nephew, and cousins during the Christmas season, then flew to Windsor, England, where I stayed with the Brit’s lovely and large family. The Brit was my three year, on-and-off, best friend-turned-lover adventure, but I digress…

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