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In Love in New York: First Impressions

While I was on my routine visit to Astoria Bookshop, I came across a book that grabbed my attention: In Love in New York: A Guide to the Most Romantic Destinations in the Greatest City in the World (Rizzoli) by Caitlin Leffel and Jacob Lehman.

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It Had To Go – A Short Story

The hangers were still draped with her dresses, old and new alike.
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Six Minutes to Live

There is this great journal that encourages it’s author to become braver over the course of a year by recording an act of bravery each day. I highly recommend this collection conceived and compiled by Dian G. Smith and Robie Rogge.

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Heavy Pens and Bike Chains

Literature, performing arts, and visual arts are fascinating to me. Born a writer and reader, I try to continue to live my life that way. But, to take a human emotion, thought, or experience and to be able to translate that into a medium for the viewing and criticism of another human is an incredibly brave thing to do, not to mention difficult. After my Forgiveness post, a lot of people expressed that it had made them think about forgiveness in a new way. I feel, for the first time, that I have somehow made it to the point where I can write my experience to reach an audience outside of my own skin.

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