The Lady and the Firefighter

Finding a Balance of Sweet and Heat


Love and Matters of the Heart

Five Years Later

Today marks five years since I was diagnosed with cancer. Whoa!

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Finding Common Ground: Lily the Lionhead Rabbit

We are now two full days into Week Four and communication is still an issue. We are both adjusting. Always adjusting.

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That Smoke Filled Room – Our First Fight

Oddly enough, The Man and I had our first “academy era” fight during the week that he had “Mask Appreciation Day.”

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Paradigm Shift

I, like most women in New York City associate firemen with sex appeal. There is something inherently seductive in being a strong person who runs into dangerous situations to save lives. Unfortunately, so many just see the strong body and big muscles and think it’s hot. Let’s face it: Most women objectify firemen the way most men objectify Victoria’s Secret models. It’s rarely the heroic selflessness of the individual that is a turn-on in and of itself.

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A New Chapter. A New Focus. The Same Love.

IMG_1273On May 20, while we were in a living room up in Hamburg, New York, The Man received a letter that is changing our lives. He received his run letter to join the fire department in our city.

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Will You Ever Feel Again?

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Complimenting versus Coveting

To compliment is to offer a polite expression of praise or admiration. To covet is to yearn to have or possess something.

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A Stranger to Love

You Fancy Me Mad recently posted a powerful line:

Everyone I love is a stranger to someone.

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Letting Go of 2014

As December winds down, it is time for everyone to talk about how they want to be happier and healthier in the new year. The new year represents a fresh start, a reset button that magically appears when the ball drops. Poof! Just like that, we are given the opportunity to be thinner, more active, happier, paint more, love more, fear less, stop smoking, and start volunteering.

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