The Lady and the Firefighter

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Life in the Department

After Week One – Changes in me. Changes in us.

I have always wanted to be a more efficient person. Though I try and organize, I always felt that it was hard to get to that ideal flow because living as a single unit, having only a handful of family and social events a month to handle. When The Man was working in an office, dinners were discussed via text during the day, lunches were purchased, and coffee was made once we were up, around 8am.

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Dealing with Communication Blackouts

I’ve scoured the internet for blogs and information that supports the wives, girlfriends, and partners of firefighters. There aren’t that many that address one of my obstacles, in terms of their firefighter being in the academy: communication changes.

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First Day of the Academy

And just like that, my days begin at 5am.

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And Here We Go

It’s just after 9pm on Sunday evening, and I could not be more exhausted.

Comparatively, my normal Sunday, consisting of nine hours in a local shop is a walk in the park.

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