The Lady and the Firefighter

Finding a Balance of Sweet and Heat



Taking the Stage

Life is never a one-act performance. There are various stages that we all must dance upon, complete with their own costumes, scores, and costars.

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Fifty-five days.
Fifty-five suns.
One month, 25 days.
Seven weeks, six days.
One-thousand, three-hundred twenty hours.
Seventy-nine-thousand, two-hundred minutes.

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I’m Sorry, Did You Say Something?

igˈnôr/  verb

  •     refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally.
       “he ignored her outraged question”
  •     synonyms:    disregard, take no notice of, pay no attention to, pay no heed to; More
  •     turn a blind eye to, turn a deaf ear to, tune out
      “he ignored the customers”
  •     snub, slight, spurn, shun, disdain, look right through, pass over, look past;
  •     informal: give someone the brush-off, give someone the cold shoulder
    “he was ignored by the journalists”
  •     set aside, pay no attention to, take no account of;
  •     break, contravene, fail to comply with, fail to observe, disregard, disobey, breach, defy, flout;

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Giving Up Booze: Wine

I miss wine. So far, this is whole thing has been easier than I thought it was going to be. I’m one-third of the way through the month without feeling too much temptation.

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Giving Up Booze: Sleep

Let’s talk about sleep.

I was noticing that my sleep has been disrupted on a daily basis over the course of the last week. I thought maybe I was anxious about my job search, cleaning, money, issues with a friend, or any of my countless daily concerns. But I was reading today that the sudden removal of alcohol can result in disrupted sleep.

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Giving Up Booze: (Nearly) A Week in Review

Truth be told, I really stopped drinking prior to June 1. But for argument’s sake, I’m making June 1 my official start. Some morsels of information and clarity that I’ve already encountered include the following:

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Giving Up Booze: The Dangers of Prescription Pills

So I didn’t stick to my plan to write a few sentences a day about this journey for various reasons. The first being I was dealing with a major injury to my right foot. A stubbed toe turned into nine days of painkillers and 13 days of antibiotics. Not to mention a small procedure on the toe to boot. To boot! Ha!

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What’s Good for the Goose, Isn’t Always Good for the Gander

Today, there are so many cases of the public being too sensitive and overreacting to a statement made by celebrities. One example being the huge uproar (complete with #CancelColbert internet campaign) over the Colbert Report’s poor re-delivery via Twitter of a joke made on air. At the time, Colbert had pointed out the mind-boggling logic behind Dan Snyder creating a charity for Native Americans to make up for the fact that he owns a team called the Red Skins.

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My First Big Relapse on This Journey

So, in a way, I’ve had my first relapse. I’ve fallen off the wagon in my journey to becoming a better person. I don’t expect people to find any big lesson in this post, but I need to do this as a form of therapy. Here comes brutal honesty.

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