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I Loved My Body, Once

Last night, The Man and I were chatting in bed. He was setting his alarm and telling me about his class tomorrow that has proven to be a breaking point for a lot of probies in the academy. It’s apparently the first day where the physical demands are comparatively extreme.

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How Yoga Brought Me Closer to My Uncle

When my sisters and I were little, my mother’s brother was the coolest uncle in all the land. Though it was years before I was born, when I think of him, I can still hear my eldest sister’s voice from a home video from the late 70s repeating “Uncle Freddie! Uncle Freddie!” nonstop. And to me, that’s how we all felt about him. We always wanted his attention, and he oftentimes gave it without a second thought.

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Your Body on Yoga [INFOGRAPHIC]

Calming the Mind

In yoga, your mind is encouraged to remain calm and in the moment.

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When it comes to actual effort to get into shape, I’ve done it all: Zumba, Insanity, Kettlebell Kickboxing, running, free weights, and so on and so forth. However, since sophomore year of college, I have failed to even attempt yoga. I decided to revisit.

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