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I, Samantha, am a writer by passion, and formerly by profession. These days, I’ve stepped away from the computer to follow my dream of becoming a pastry cook.

This blog started because, as the fiance of a firefighter in New York City, I found myself searching for a community of those who have experienced the FDNY Academy and beyond.

It turns out there is very little out there specific to the FDNY and that which girlfriends, fiances, and wives face on a daily basis. This prompted a change in the direction of this blog in May 2015. Before I was just looking to explore life and better myself; then I decided to create such a resource through stories of this lady and her firefighter.

Our Story

One day in early 2013, this downstate New York girl from a big family fell for the western New York motorcycle-riding Man who is an only child. I was a word-nerd working from home, and he was an engineer working in a piano factory, but we were always waiting for the FDNY to call his number.

While we had already built a life filled with love, family, and great times, our lives entered a new, foreign chapter in 2015. I was no longer just a confidante, adventure companion, soul mate, and girlfriend; I had been asked to become the crucial piece of The Man’s support system as he began his journey to becoming a firefighter in the great city of New York.

He is realizing his dream, reaching new limits of physical and mental ability. I will stretch my editorial muscles, navigating the realm of healthy self-expression, and exploring new levels of support, love, respect, and dedication. While we grow independently, The Man and I remain unified as we paddle through uncharted waters, balancing a life of sweet and heat.

We hope that our journeys bring entertainment, love, lessons, and hope to firefighters, their partners and family, and more. Feedback is always welcome! To reach out and share your own stories with us and others, click here to contact The Lady and the Firefighter.