Today it goes live: Mothers Uncensored

After going on maternity leave, I felt that my time would be best spent preparing for my little boy in as many ways I possibly could. Nursery crafts, reading all of the baby books, and purchasing new things for this nugget have occupied my time, but a return to writing was never far from my field of vision.

I am so excited and honored to join a diverse group of women from across the country in contributing to this new mommy blog: Mothers Uncensored. Together, we are offering an online community for moms by moms. We are all at assorted states of motherhood including those like myself who are pregnant with their first, to those seasoned vets with multiple children of various ages.

Please check out my articles, along with those written by my co-bloggers and let us know what you think! Thank you so much and I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback!