Between the days of The Man having a motorcycle and working in a kitchen, I use a Matt & Nat vegan leather backpack more than any other purse I own. So what’s in it?

These days, there are a few staples:

  1. My Planner. My Kikki-K planner goes with me everywhere, even if I don’t have the chance to write down everything, anymore.
  2. A change of pants. Working in a kitchen means having two pairs of pants, always. If The Man isn’t picking me up from the bakery, I have to change. My first day, I left a big brown smear on the seat of the G train, and found myself yelling that it was malt cake batter!
  3. My blender bottle. Whether it’s filled with just water, or a smoothie, or a protein shake, it’s always with me.
  4. My journal. This chapter of baking professionally is a new one for me, and I love chronicling the adventure. I don’t want to forget a single moment of this journey.
  5. The usual suspects: my wallet, a few pens, bobby pins, tampons, gum, loose change.

There really is nothing spectacular, peculiar, or unique about what this Lady keeps in her bag. What do you keep in yours?