1. Being Chinese and Puerto Rican is quite difficult for some people to grasp. They met in Manhattan, and I never learned either language at home because they weren’t going to talk to each other in two different languages.
  2. I’m the third of four daughters in my family. My oldest sister is 12 years older than I, the second is 9 years older, and the youngest sister is 16 months younger. They are my life.
  3. Jordan Knight was my first crush. My older sisters were big New Kids on the Block fans, and my sister Marisa had a big poster of Jordan Knight on her door. It was around the age of 4, when I first thought I was going to be a celebrity wife.
  4. I missed out on a lot of staple movies until after college. It was in my mid-20s when I first saw movies like Scarface, and not until 29 when I saw the Godfather.marine.jpg
  5. When I was in first grade, the class read a book and watched a supplemental movie series about scientists who lived on a boat and explored the oceans. It was then that I made my first career goal to become a marine biologist.
  6. There was a book series that my mother bought me when I was little. The first book that I had read of the series was called the Ice Dancer. After that, I wanted to ice skate, but when I tried it around 18, I found out that I was terrible at it.
  7. My love of baking started when I was 17. I made a cherry cobbler from Cooking Light Magazine. It was my favorite dessert to make for years after that.
  8. I’m scared of dolls with faces. When I was in elementary school, my bus driver told my mother that I looked like the Samantha doll, and that they should buy it for me (a bit intrusive…). They did, but I put her in my closet every night because I was scared to sleep with her near me. I feel like dolls with faces watch what’s going on.
  9. I played basketball for years for St. Augustine’s Church in New City. I loved it at first, but over the years, I began to hate it. To this day, I hate watching the sport.crossed-fingers-363478_960_720.jpg
  10. Fake people and liars infuriate me. There is really no reason to lie to anyone ever. Chances are, even if you mess up or do something to hurt someone, you can have a productive conversation by admitting what happened and being honest. Even with everyday casual interactions, speak straight with everyone. I don’t have time for those with forked tongues.
  11. I love scary movies. Everything from scary documentaries to major motion pictures, I love! I did walk out of a scary movie once, though, because they killed a child.
  12. I have two Bachelor’s Degrees in Journalism and English Language and Literature from Quinnipiac Uniersity.
  13. I am very mean to myself. Confidence and self-love are things I’ve struggled with my whole life. Constant thoughts include that I’m ugly, insufficient, not worthy of love, inadequate and boring.
  14. Organizing anything and everything is a huge joy for me. From my desktop screen to my bills, desk, and planner, I find it so satisfying to do the action of organizing as well.number.jpg
  15. Counting things relaxes me. From the steps I take on my way to work, to like objects around the house, it helps me relax and refocus my energy to the task at hand.
  16. I studied Japanese for seven years. My middle school offered Spanish, Italian, French, and Japanese, and when I took that course, I knew that there was no other choice for me. I loved everything about learning the language, and to this day I love the sound of it.
  17. Crew was my sport of choice in high school. For four years, I was a rower and a coxswain. I am all of 5’1″ but had the biggest and loudest mouth on the water from Long Island to Saratoga.
  18. I have had anxiety most of my life. I remember losing sleep over projects that were never in danger of not getting done, dances, class trips, and other interactions. It’s been getting harder as I’ve gotten older and battle with feelings of inadequacy.
  19. I don’t appreciate those who don’t understand the impact of words. Don’t say things and make promises you don’t intent or cannot keep. I won’t make a promise unless I am certain I can deliver.
  20. I started blogging in high school on Live Journal with an account named after an AFI song, Morningstar. My second blog was in college on Blogspot and called It’s Hardly Love. This is my third blog.