I have been so busy lately, and haven’t had much time to write. Despite this, I’ve been mentally exploring stories and angles that I want to share with whoever is willing to listen.

I recently came across a few 30 Day Blogging Challenges, and there was one from Simply Adapting that I wanted to try out. The first post is supposed to be the meaning behind your blog’s name. I have explored this in a previous post, but I have had a couple of conversations recently that made me want to set the record straight on a few points.

The change from A Lady in Waiting to The Lady and the Firefighter was not the loss of individuality for me. I am still the same strong woman, but my partnership is one only understood by those in similar situations. And when The Man became a firefighter, I wanted for other women and partners of first-responders to be able to use this blog as a place to connect. My life is not defined by my relationship with a member of the FDNY. He is the love of my life. This is a lifestyle for both of us, and not just him.

Why did I choose to identify myself only as A Lady? Because that is what I am striving to be, someone of superior position. Not in a socio-economic sense, but in life. I want to have the lady-like approach to life’s obstacles, stages, and relationships. The goal of the blog isn’t to just chronicle being a writer or a pastry cook, it is to explore aspects of my life and use them as opportunities to grow.

The lady is a complicated character that cannot be defined by her job, her family, her friends, or where she lives. The Man is my love, and the fact that he is a firefighter is shaping my daily life in new ways, unlike the lifestyle we had when we both worked 9-5, Monday-Friday jobs.

We are equals, and my life is being shaped by this partnership. This is the story behind the Lady and the Firefighter.