Ah, yes. The weather is beginning to change, and the promise of the next chapter of 2016 floats in on the breeze. It’s April. Which means that one-quarter of the year is already in the bag.

So what have you done in the last 95 days? What have the 13 weeks and four days since January 1 brought you?

It’s been a rough go for many, this year, and my experience was no exception. In love, money, and family, I have experienced more in 2016 than the last couple of years combined. A prominent part of the struggle is the adjustment period of The Man becoming a member of a ladder house continues to take a lot longer than either of us had anticipated. Being with a firefighter continues to be a daily hardship.

Attempting to find a job in the floundering field of journalism is harder than ever, leaving me with an overwhelming sense of inadequacy in an area of study that I have loved before I even reached middle school. If I had one suggestion to make to universities across this country, it would be to teach individuals how to deal with a struggling economy and being unemployed, instead of forcing a senior to take French 101 course to satisfy a previously dismissed prerequisite.

Then there are the deaths of 2016. While the world lost the likes of Alan Rickman, David Bowie, and Garry Shandling, I lost my grandfather. Processing the death of someone with whom I shared a complicated relationship has become one of the harder obstacles of the year.

Many of the people around me and in my web-based circles have grappled with the first 95 days of 2016 in their own ways: I’ve spoken with women who also struggle with being a firefighter wife/girlfriend, those who are single and can’t find a decent man with whom to settle down, those who are dealing with health issues, weight issues, or family deaths. The most important part of undergoing these struggles is to see how events, obstacles, and setbacks teach you lessons about yourself.

Here, I am about to turn 30, and I can honestly say that I know little about myself more than just that I can’t crawl into bed and let the rough year get the better of me. While I have undergone outrageous amounts of pain, anxiety, and heartache, I believe that I can turn it around. My spirit is strong, and my path a light one with pure intentions. These obstacles and hard times have only set up for a greater days.

I hope that some had a better first quarter of the year than I; and here is to hoping that we all can turn it around and makes the remaining 75% of 2016 the greatest ending to a year!