Growing up in the suburbs of New York City means being a hop, skip, and jump away from the action, while enjoying all of the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley. There truly is so much to love in my home county of Rockland.

The Hudson River Waterfront.

Whether you’re walking along the waterfront or jumping in with your kayak, there is no denying the beauty of the Hudson River Waterfront. Having family live riverside in hamlets like Nyack, or just up the street in neighboring towns and hamlets; I’ve always considered myself lucky!

The Arts Scene.

Whether you want to view locally crafted sculptures or paintings, browse handcrafted jewelry, listen to local bands, or see a stage production from a local playwright; Rockland really has it all. 

Clarkstown Central School District.

I could only appreciate one of the best school districts in the state when I got older. Some of the biggest influences in my life were the educators who guided me through my younger years. These included teachers such as Dr. Rutter at Little Tor Elementary, Art Teacher and Crew Coach Miss Russo, and tough-as-nails English teacher Dr. Gazzola.


The Abounding Nature at Locations such as Bear Mountain and Harriman State Park.

These larger scale locations set the scene for so much learning and exploration. I have hiked, learned, relaxed, attended family gatherings, and rowed at some of the most beautiful spots in the entire state. 

Farmers Markets and Street Fairs.

Yeah, in New York City, you can get baked goods, plants, herbs, meats, eggs, fruits, and vegetables every weekend. But guess where a lot of it comes from? I appreciate growing up where the goods didn’t have to cross a bridge to get to my hands. Places like Nyack have some of the most memorable street fairs I’ve attended. 

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