Things happen in life and you learn who has your back and who doesn’t. One truth I have always held is that of all the people who have come and gone, my three sisters have been the greatest allies.

Here are 26 reasons why there is literally no experience like having sisters.

  1. You are born into the best and tightest social circles anyone can ever know.
  2. You don’t need #squadgoals when you roll with your sisters.
  3. Sisters keep your secrets forever.
  4. Sisters always make the best advisers and assistants when it comes to home decorating and remodeling.
  5. Catching up with sisters is louder, funnier, and includes more dancing than catching up with literally anyone else you know.
  6. Communication between sisters sometimes contains words, but lies more in body language and nonverbal interactions.
  7. Your closet, make-up drawer, and jewelry box is always bigger than what is in your room.
  8. If you have sisters, even if it’s not really your thing, you check out every sister-themed necklace, tee, key chain, and mug that you come across.
  9. You hated when your parents dressed you alike when you were growing up, then you grew up and now dress alike voluntarily.
  10. Younger sisters teach you how to stay young.
  11. Younger sisters force you to stay on track because you want her to look up to you and always be your loudest cheerleader.IMG_0145
  12. Older sisters make some mistakes so younger sisters don’t have to.
  13. Older sisters won’t stop you from making an impending mistake, but will be there to pick you up when you fall.
  14. Older or younger, sisters teach you how to take and dish out tough love.
  15. More than most relationships you’ll encounter in life, one with a sister teaches you about yourself and the range of your own emotions.
  16. Even if you fought yesterday, if you need your sister today, she will be there.
  17. There are few people who will protect you, and whom you will get to protect, like a sister.
  18. Complaining about parents, other siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins is easier because they know exactly what you’re talking about.
  19. Complaining about strangers, friends, and customer service is a breeze because what bothers you, bothers them.
  20. She judges some of the choices you’ve made in life, because honestly, why the hell did you take that guy back?
  21. Sisters are the proofreaders of life: when you overlook a red flag or error in life, they catch it and force you to see it.
  22. Sisters are the best shopping buddies because they tell you honestly if that lipstick looks good with your skin tone, and if you can honestly rock those printed skinny jeans.
  23. Sisters teach you about things you didn’t know you needed, like planners, Pinterest, Stila lipstick, and Le Pens.
  24. Sisters are essentially unpaid personal assistants who pick food out of your teeth, tell you to retouch your lipstick, point out that your dress is tucked in your panties, and tame unruly hair.
  25. Sisters give you nieces and nephews, which might be the most heartwarming gift in the world.
  26. A sister’s love is your first experience of unconditional love.