That’s right! Get to know The Lady behind The Lady and the Firefighter on Pinterest!

For years, two of my sisters have been on Pinterest and bugging me to join. Clearly, I just kept putting it off. But, after exploring my younger sister’s 2.5 thousand pins on her 36 boards, I discovered the appeal. Believe it or not, The Man did, too!

There is so much of me that I want to share with my readers, family, and friends, but I feel like the categories are so varied that it makes it difficult to tie them all together and put them in terms of the fire life. Now, Pinterest lets me share more of myself with all of you!

Discover some of my favorite things from around the web from bunny supplies and hutch goals, to Fat Bobs and motorcycle jackets. I do hope that some of you will find my boards interesting, and I’m looking forward to discovering some of your boards as well!

Check out my Pinterest page, and happy pinning!