Last month I changed the name of this blog from A Lady in Waiting to The Lady and the Firefighter, but never updated my About Page. Check out the updates here.

The Back Story

When I took that First, Awkward Step back in March 2014, I was a lady on a solo mission. The Man and I had just taken a break and I needed to grow as an individual. There was so much about myself that I still had to explore if I ever wanted to be a well-rounded, kindhearted lady who was truly at peace.

Early in my relationship with The Man, I knew that there would come the day when the FDNY sent him an e-mail and asked him to join their ranks. He would have a new job, new hours, new priorities. I understood the lifestyle change, but I never truly understood what it meant for my emotional and mental health, or the future of the relationship.


I set out in search of resources for the partners of firefighters in New York City. While there are great resources that offer in-person services, therapy, and events like Friends of Firefighters, there is a surprisingly small number of online blogs and discussions for the girlfriends, fiances, and wives of firefighters, and none specific to the FDNY.

Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few blogs out there like The Firefighter Wife, where organizer/author Lori Mercer has created an outstanding resource for the spouses of firefighters. In May 2015, this became the prototype for what I want to do.

I want to create a safe place for the partners of newly instated and existing FDNY firefighters to discuss their fears and apprehensions, since that was something I did not have.

As we move forward as storyteller and patient listener, keep in mind I am still new to this life and this chapter in the life of The Man and I is still fresh as the morning dew. It is my hope that any readers who are or know partners of firemen– new or salty– will share their stories of the benefits and drawbacks of the fire life and how it directly affects relationships.