In 2014, I began an upward spiral of self-discovery. I used words and this blog as a means of discovery and expression. I was the Lady in Waiting, in the sense that I was taking life’s daily dealings and turning them into learning experiences. While proactively becoming a better lady, I was also waiting for the universe to teach me lessons in life, love, friendship, and career.

As of May 2015, I stopped being an individual with a single story. I understand that I am not The Man’s wife nor mother to his child, but that makes me no less dedicated. I knew and loved The Man before he became a firefighter, and I will love him as long as there is earth beneath and sky above. I am a lady still looking to be a better partner, friend, daughter, sister, bunny mama, and writer; but I am now also achieving this goal through being the support system to a brave man with a dangerous job in the greatest city in the world.

This blog is now a collection of experiences, lessons, and tips from a Lady and her firefighter.

His career is our lifestyle– weekends are uncertain, and plans are created or changed based on the UFA (Uniformed Firefighters Association) calendar. There are some days that he works hours not atypical to those with office jobs, but there are nights spent alone. Every single tour, however, brings about the potential for dangerous calls. This is a taxing and draining daily event, not only for me, but for the countless partners of firefighters across the country.

In my process of creating this outlet, I have found few communities for the dedicated, full-time girlfriends of firefighters. This is my ultimate goal. A girlfriend’s heart can beat just as strongly as a wife’s. I want to create a voice and community for the dedicated women– girlfriend or wife– who back their firefighters every single day. We provide strength, comfort, love, and safety on the home front, and it is no easy task.

I hope everyone enjoys my daily dealings, and shares this with anyone who loves a firefighter.