Why not seize the pleasure at once? How often is happiness destroyed by preparation foolish preparation! -Jane Austen

FullSizeRenderThe fire department has altered the life of The Man and I in a plethora of ways. Most recently, it reintroduced hockey to The Man’s life.

After more than two years of being with a guy born and raised in Buffalo, Last Monday was the first time in our relationship that I got to see him play hockey. I’ve heard the stories, seen the photos, held the jerseys, witness the trophy displays, but never experienced first-hand, the legend that is The Man on ice.

While there have always been talks of bringing his hockey gear down from home, it probably would have taken much longer if it had not been for the fire department. It was a long, drawn out vision that potentially required complicated travel plans, home storage, and unnecessary preparation. Even with all of the muddled discussions, the gargantuan bag and all of the gear arrived at a busy time with no storage plan on the horizon… Lovely.

Despite the headache of getting the gear to New York City, the prospect of playing for the department one day made The Man light up, and it was all worth it.

It’s a doubly rewarding moment for me, as the girlfriend. On the top floor of an ice rink in Queens, I sat, freezing and breaking out in hives because I’m a special case with a sensitivity to cold, but still, I needed to see be there for his first skate. Then he was there. That’s when a wave of jovial excitement, mixed with nausea came over me. Have you ever seen something so unexpectedly cute and lovely that it makes you feel ill? That’s essentially what happened.

I am so happy that he has his great love back in his weekly routine. In addition to that first degree of gratification, there is the notion that it gives him something to do outside of the house while I write, look for full-time work, clean, and maintain myself. I love having him around, but there is a weird urge within myself, to check on him and see if he needs anything. Plus, there is an urge within him, that makes him ask me or tell me things every six minutes!

The fire department schedule is great, to a degree. But when the two of us are home together all day, there is a strange atmosphere, similar to that of a college library, about the place. We have our two laptops, moving from desk to couch to kitchen and back. One makes coffee, and check if the other wants any. One has the need to go for a walk, and check if the other wants to join. We tackle our personal to-do lists, and then awkwardly waste hours sitting, two of us, within two-square feet of space looking at the internet… So, I gladly welcome a few hours alone here to knock out a few tasks while he seizes his pleasure.

And on that note, I have a few more things I’d like to get done and maybe a pleasure of my own to seize before the Ice King returns! Have a great day, internet!