I have always wanted to be a more efficient person. Though I try and organize, I always felt that it was hard to get to that ideal flow because living as a single unit, having only a handful of family and social events a month to handle. When The Man was working in an office, dinners were discussed via text during the day, lunches were purchased, and coffee was made once we were up, around 8am.

Now that he is in the academy, I have an increased amount of activities and meals to plan and coordinate each evening. Dinners can’t be left to the last minute with the idea of hitting up our local smokehouse is always a back up. Lunches have to be made and packed before 10pm each night. And coffee is always in the machine and scheduled to brew at 6am every day.

The Man and I were just two meandering, reasonably laid-back twenty-somethings just two weeks ago. In just a few short days we can’t sleep past 8:30am (except for July 5, after hanging out at my sister’s house by the fire pit until 3am!), drink 70+ ounces of water a day, maintain a killer house-cleaning schedule, and regularly make homemade granola bars. What?

It’s amusing to us, and we joke around about being “water people” now, but deep down, I think the academy has begun to teach us a little more about what we want in life and each other. Yes, we’ve been together for two years, and we’ve been living together for a hair more than four months, but something is different. We are more settled.

Now we feel as though we have that “married life” that so many joked about when we packed up two apartments and settled into one. I have never been happier than I am today.