I’ve scoured the internet for blogs and information that supports the wives, girlfriends, and partners of firefighters. There aren’t that many that address one of my obstacles, in terms of their firefighter being in the academy: communication changes.

IMG_2347We live in a time when texting every few hours is not uncommon. Seemingly, regardless of your profession, you are able to check your texts at least a few times per day. The Man was no exception. Every few hours we would check in on each other with simple little sweet texts along the lines of “Hey [insert love, beautiful, handsome… general mush], how’s your day going?”

Now? Silence for up to 13 hours.

It seems silly, but imagine your best friend suddenly not there for you to text when you saw something shocking on the subway, or heard of an imminent storm, or a last-minute invitation to a weekend getaway! It’s an adjustment.

To help with keeping him informed and me coping with this, I started a notebook that I leave in our desk. In it, I am putting things that he misses throughout the day about which I would normally send a text. For example, I had a great phone conversation with his mother yesterday. This way I don’t forget to tell him, and he doesn’t miss out on the chance to see how we are working on our relationship, I put it down in the notebook.

There are ways for me to reach him in an emergency and once he is on the job it will be easier– still not what it used to be. Regular texting through out the day is now a thing of the past. If something were to come up, I could reach him, and this is what is the most important.

This is a lesson in keeping communication concise and meaningful. There is no more frivolous talk. We only have time for the things that truly matter.