IMG_1273On May 20, while we were in a living room up in Hamburg, New York, The Man received a letter that is changing our lives. He received his run letter to join the fire department in our city.

In that moment I realized that I have never been so proud, happy, scared, and in love with The Man. He is the hero I had been waiting for. What I thought I knew about him changing my life back in March 2013 seemed enlarged, solidifying his legacy in my mind and in my heart.

What also happened in that moment is I joined an elite group of women. You hear stories of army wives, military wives, and there’s even a show about astronaut’s wives. Never did I think I would identify as someone’s partner. After serious consideration of the shift in his lifestyle, and seeing my own sister be the wife of a volunteer firefighter, I realized that this will greatly affect my daily life. It already has.

Last night I went to sleep with my best friend, the biggest pain in my ass, and the only person next to whom I want to wake every single day. This morning, after hearing him prepare for his admin day at the fire training facility, I realized that I had been woken up by the soft kisses of a brave, New York City firefighter. He looked different, stood differently, walked differently.

I will not be the same woman with the same worries, schedule, and expectations from my partner or myself. So from here on out, A Lady in Waiting is going to be the chronicles and daily dealings of a firefighter’s girlfriend.

My love has never been this great. My patience has never been this solid. My faith in our ability to survive the academy has never been this strong.

To all of the men who serve in the fire department of New York City, and across the country, I appreciate your bravery more than ever. To all of the wives, girlfriends, and partners, I commend you for your bravery and dedication to these brave men and women. I hope that my strength in this next chapter matches that of The Man and his soon-to-be brothers and sisters.