You Fancy Me Mad recently posted a powerful line:

Everyone I love is a stranger to someone.

For someone who has loved nearly every person who has waltzed in and out over the years, truth be told, I never thought about what my loved ones could be to other people.

Like so many, I have people watched and judged. When I started my journey to be a better person, my view of strangers changed significantly. Instead of thinking about just the people that I love as people with characteristics worth adoration, I started thinking about strangers that way. Strangers– not just the people I love– deserve respect.

You’d be pleasantly surprised how your attitude, your perspective, even your mood for can change when you approach strangers as more than a nameless face. Each passerby has the potential to be someone’s adored mother, revered brother, favorite sister, or honored father. Approach every person knowing that he or she is the love of someone’s life. He or she is the center of someone’s world. Then see how that changes your own feelings.