This was one of the first thoughts that I had after a friendship-ending fight yesterday. I heard it in Diane Keaton’s voice, when she whispers it into (the now scandal-encased) ear of Stephen Collins in The First Wives Club.

In this case, I’m not growing from a romantic love, but that which exists between friends. People come into your life for a reason, and they leave once they have completed their mission. Plain and simple. I’ve always felt that everything in life, including life itself is temporary, so don’t get too attached. Similarly, don’t take things for granted and handle people, animals, life, and experiences carelessly.

I had a friend. She was a great friend for a while, but time went on and we lost that connection. To be honest, I don’t blame her. And I think that took a while to understand and to come to terms with it. I felt the distance growing. Whether organic or at the hands of other people around us, this needed to happen.

I just wanted to put down in writing that because of her, I got past certain hurdles. She helped me understand a few more things about myself, and about the interactions of people in a way that I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise. We had something that was special for a while, and in that time I felt that I had another sister.

This is a lesson to me that you can care deeply about a person, and distance can grow in place of the closeness that you once knew. Though, often discussed in terms of romance and breaking up, this same thing happens with friends.

From this loss, I will grow. I accept the lessons that were taught, connections made and lost, experiences shared, and moments created. They were great. And now they’re gone. I am a better person because of the late night chats. I am a wiser person because of the petty fights. I am a stronger person because of the loss.

Adios, my friend.