And they lived happily ever after.

Said no long-term relationship or married couple, ever. Love is never perfect, and it is rarely smooth sailing– Compromises need to be made, fights need to be fought.

This past weekend, I had the honor of being a guest at the wedding of two individuals whom I came to be close with over the course of the last year. These two individuals are so great together and it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a refreshing love between two people. It is much more than just compatibility.

Shortly before their big day, I came across the idea of a “Marriage” or “First Fight Box,” and decided to make one for this lovely couple. I think this makes for a great way to handle the first fight of married life.

You can buy these boxes online, but that is not my style. I much prefer the personal touch of hand-made gifts.

The whole purpose is that the married couple writes letters to the spouse, telling them why they are the perfect life partner, why they love that person, and what they want to share with them. Honestly, you can say whatever you want.

Then you take those letters and seal it in a box that also contains a bottle of wine. Literally, put those happy thoughts on the shelf for a rainy day! And when that rainy day comes, you crack open the box. Open the bottle of wine, and pour your two glasses as you retreat to separate corners with your wine and the note your spouse left for you.

It’s at that point that you remember why you got into your relationship in the first place, and remember that fights happen. It’s supposed to happen. What is important is that you are not fighting against each other, but for the betterment of the whole marriage.

This is the box that I made for the newlyweds. It started with one of those little crate-type boxes that I found at Michaels. With the addition of panels, also purchased from the craft store, I made it a solid box with a lid. Those little reinforcement bands are cut popsicle sticks! After staining the box, I hand-painted the wine bottle for them, and placed it inside.

The first envelope on top of the box contains two cards for the couple to write their notes to each other. There is a space just under the lid for them to slide the notes into the box. The second envelope features the same calligraphy “J” as the bottle, and is just our wedding card for the newlyweds.


The couple informed me that they wrote their cards to each other while they were on their honeymoon! I thought that was a brilliant idea.

To keep something as beautiful as a loving relationship, you have to be willing to work and fight for it!