There’s something that has been on my mind for a while. I would like input from anyone regarding the matter.

Some Asian men and women have strong opinions about this topic.
Same from some white people.
Same from some black people.

Why do Asian girls dye their hair blonde? Are they so desperate to be white or simply less Asian?

I dyed my hair pretty light this summer. Not because I want to be white. Not because I’m ashamed of my naturally dark hair, which I might add is amazing. I did it because I wanted to try something new. Hair changes are one of the most temporary things we have. It grows back in generally a consistent texture and color. I say cut it, dye it, perm it, love it and have fun with it while you still have it!

But why is this a problem for anyone? Black, white, Latin, and other nationalities dye their hair all the time, but so many feel that when Asian men and women (This includes Indians) do it, there’s the connotation of cultural rebellion.

IMG_0775So, the other day I was contemplating my hair choices while sitting on a crowded L train in NYC: My hair is naturally curly and dark, but I was sitting there with lightened and straightened hair. What is the lesser of two evils– my Puerto Rican curls straightened or my Chinese brown hair dyed blonde?

Why do people ask if I want to be white when I dye my hair blonde, but a white girl who gets a Japanese straightening process and who dyes her hair black not get asked if she wants to be Asian?

Why do connotations of cultural rebellion exist only in certain cultures?