A response to The Mirror Crack’d: You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

IMG_0633If suddenly I awoke to a world without mirrors, my life would greatly be altered. From makeup and hair sessions to pep talks and just examining flaws, I use mirrors for a significant number of things. I am vain. I am insecure. The best and worst of the population who would feel the sudden lack of mirrors rest peacefully and equally in me.

Even in a world without mirrors, there are many ways to check my “reflection.” Polished tiles, glass windows and other reflective surfaces of other items give you a muddled vision of yourself. It’s hard to make out the details that make your appearance different and unique. The same goes with all of the other reflections that we encounter in friends, lovers, families, colleagues, strangers, and animals. The Man reflects the loving and fun part of who I am back to me. He responds to what I give out and gives it back. My colleagues reflect a different, sometimes bitter, part of me. Lily, my bunny, reflects the deep loving and cuddling abilities within me. College friends reflect something else. The same goes for family members, the sweet woman at the coffee spot up the street, the elderly gentleman who says good morning each day, the mastiff owners down the street, and so on.

I think this new world would make me more conscious of what I put out in the world. The time and energy spent trying to make my hair and makeup perfect each day would now be spent making sure that what people experience with me was to that level of perfection. Maybe this would be a good thing.