Fifty-five days.
Fifty-five suns.
One month, 25 days.
Seven weeks, six days.
One-thousand, three-hundred twenty hours.
Seventy-nine-thousand, two-hundred minutes.

That is how much time has passed since my last post. Each morning, there was a little more disappointment piled on to the one left behind from the day before.

I was born to write. This is what I do. This is how I make a living, and this is how I live. For 55 days, I stopped allowing myself to live and grow as a person.

A loss had occurred. Multiple losses had occurred. So much had become overwhelming, from giving up alcohol to personal losses, relationship frustrations and confusion, my foot injury, and the death of a pet.

Humans loses on a regular basis, but chances are that you win some, too. The phrase “You win some, you lose some,” isn’t one only applicable on a long time frame. There are days to which this is perfectly applicable, then there are solitary conversations to which this phrase is all too true.

Unfortunately for me, I began feeling as though the ratio between wins and losses became less than favorable. As usual, I refuse to allow myself to remain in the less than favorable position, and I’m becoming more positive, again. Things have been up and down, but roller coasters are all right as long as you never lose sight of the horizon and your goals. Regardless of what is thrown at me, I refuse to bend a knee, accept defeat and slump into a defeated state.

Let’s give this another go.

Please stick with me, and be patient with my attempts to sort out this crazy and beautiful life. Tales of my love, sorrow, loss, recovery, friendship, freedom, and learning limits are coming soon to an electronic device near you!