I miss wine. So far, this is whole thing has been easier than I thought it was going to be. I’m one-third of the way through the month without feeling too much temptation.

Belmont Stakes was a test last week. Habit Noted: When annoying people get drunk, it’s easier to join them than stomach them. Turns out, however, that resisting the urge to drink around stumbling girls and rowdy boys at a horse race was easier than I anticipated.

But there was an evening toward the beginning of my adventure that made me want to run back to wine like so many of us do. I resisted and feel better for it.

Then there was the evening out, which turned into an unexpected disappointment. That was another night that made me want wine both for the comfort and  to drown out someone’s surprisingly sharp words. Again, I resisted and feel better for it.

Today was stressful and enjoyable all at the same time, and I think for the first time I can appreciate that these two can coexist to create a unique experience.

When I write some of these posts, I do so in my journal prior to transcribing them onto my computer. So as I sit here writing the experience, at my window seat with my pen and paper, I want a glass of wine.

A nice Malbec would do just fine.

Again, I will resist and feel better for it.
Each desire suppressed.
Each glass denied.
Each sober day celebrated.
Each day a small victory.
Each a healthier moment.
Each a happier moment.