As I said in yesterday’s post, it is sometimes so hard to sit down and write the things I feel, learn, experience, long for, and despise. Today somewhat different, but still somehow all the same.

Since March, I have dove into self exploration, and occasionally come up for air with a little more clarity than the last the last time I was submerged. Professionally speaking, however, I am still at a loss.

When it comes to discussing human experiences such as confrontations with forgiveness, or the overwhelming joy that finding true love brings forth, I thrive! The feedback from family, friends, and strangers is staggering!

How can I translate this to a professional setting? I sit here, eager for new opportunities and challenges, and my words find me nothing. They are beautiful, delicate porcelain birds that I keep placing at the doorsteps of magazines, online publications, newspapers, and television stations, wrapped in a bland resume that is not a true representation of who I am or my editorial skills.

This post is helping me to think of new ways to combine my professional and personal writing in one place where potential employers can find my true voice alongside my professional resume. So many of the talented journalists featured in the post speak of finding themselves in blogging, and I hope that I am no different.

I believe that I do have this voice that was safely nestled in the pages of the magazine that I have called home since Quinnipiac University released me like a baby duckling into the wild nearly six years ago. This voice needs to learn to soar. I have all these words, and no where to go.

It’s about time I learned to make my own path.