Right now my greatest struggle is trying to maintain a focus that keeps me searching evermore inward. Taking the time every day to write, find a little more about myself, and be a better person is actually quite a hefty endeavor.

It’s easy to start it, and say you want to stick to it, but it’s hard to step away from work, roommates, family, lovers, and life to sit down and actually do it. It’s like working out and getting in shape for an event, bikini season, or any other specific goal. You have the ideas and the plan. You start out excited with these visions of who you’ll be in the end, but getting up, working at it, even just for five minutes every day, is a hard task.

This journey just started, and it’s already hard. I just have to keep trying. That’s all we can ever do. I’m hoping yoga will keep me balanced. Writing won’t be my only form of transportation.