Inspired by Six Word Stories. These were compiled yesterday.

-Administrative site stalls. No directory found.

-Work is slow. Oh, bunny pictures!

-Friends on Facebook. Strangers in person.

-Control + Z. Not in real life.

-Pitbull popularized, and a breed disgraced.
(While listening to a random playlist on Spotify, a Pitbull song came on. I loathe his “music.”)

-Gambled on love. House always wins.

-Five Boroughs. 8.3 million people. Lonely.

-Sometimes magical. Occasionally disastrous. Always loved.

-Jovial. Odd. Enchanting. I’m in love.

-Bloodwork is back. Further tests required.

-Side effects include brittle nails, depression.

-I was happy under magnolia trees.

-“Sir, I’m ready.” “Not today, Shep.”
(In reference to recent allegations that Fox News President Roger Ailes hushed Shepard Smith who wanted to announce that he’s gay.)

-Execution botched. Victim’s family quietly smirks.
(In reference to the mishandled execution of Clayton Lockett, who murdered a pregnant woman.)

-He avoids inconveniencing someone. She’s mad.

-He’s silent. She speaks for both.

-Countless invitations unanswered. Distance grows longer.