On Sunday, my younger sister handed over Easter baskets to all of her sisters. They were adorable little wicker baskets filled with Godiva chocolate-covered almonds, Nerds (a long-standing family favorite), lollipops, Sweet Tarts, and a miniature picture frame.

Mine had a little something special. Krissy gave me porcelain box with a typewriter printed on the cover. It’s perfect!

I didn’t want to just keep it empty, so a few days later I was thinking of how to fill the box with something inspired by the typewriter. That’s when my crafty, I-could-be-a-Pinterest-rockstar side kicked in.

I have a ridiculous change collection– jars filled with the loose coins from the day’s or week’s purchases, and whatever I find lying around. So I gathered pennies, a longtime symbol of luck, and glued paper to one side of them. On those little pieces of paper I wrote statements to inspire the day’s actions or thoughts, or what may inspire a blog post!

Ranging from “Declare a love” to “You’re never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream,” the statements can be contemplated and recontemplated, never being restricted to yielding only one outcome. Each new day brings on the opportunity to be happier than you were yesterday, stronger, more curious, more loving, more grateful.

Thank you Krissy, for the inspiration, and a gift that hopefully continues to give!

photo 2