In yoga, your mind is encouraged to remain calm and in the moment.

So many times the mind wanders, and never enjoys the now. We don’t enjoy the quiet moments at night because we’re eager to see the following day. We don’t enjoy the walk from the subway at the end of the day because we’re busy thinking about what’s for dinner.

When working out, the mind wanders many times as well. When visiting the chair pose, or another exceptionally demanding pose in yoga, it is easy for the mind to flutter and begin to think that you cannot hold it any longer, or that maybe you should give up.

There are so many times in everyday life when I feel like I should give up, but not in yoga. When holding that chair pose, my breath is faster to get off register in comparison to my mind. I need to learn to control my breath in yoga, and my mind outside of the studio.

When there is something that is uncomfortable in life, my mind tends to make snap judgements and try to devise escape routes. Over the course of my life, I became an expert at escape route planning.

Patience helps me when I am in the studio. I have faith in my petite body to hold the position, get stronger, and be a home in which I can relax. I need to trust that situations with friends, family, colleagues, and my love can be approached with the same patience and trust.

Whether it’s anger, frustration, pain, or overwhelming joy, I tend to jump to an emotion and hold it without more than a moment’s consideration of the actual event.This has led to arguments, misunderstandings, tension, and more than one break up. Just as I sit my hips back, pull my heart forward, press my legs together, and lift my arms skyward with a level of serenity and grace rarely seen in other parts of my life, I have to approach everyday interactions and happenings.